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MillCreek Soy Wax 125
MillCreek Soy Wax 125 is 100% soybean wax, brand name GB 415, that does not contain cottonseed oil or other fillers.  It is a one pour wax available in flake form for easy handling and measuring with a melting point of 125 and is used for container candle making. No re-pours are needed and our soy wax sets up quickly with an excellent scent throw-be sure to use a high quality fragrances--all of MillCreek's are!  Pour temperature is recommend 100 degrees with a fragrance load of 6- 8%. Testing is always recommended for individual desired results. 

100% Soy Wax

  • Soybeans are a renewable and sustainable resource grown by American farmers
  • Less soot, which is better for you and your home
  • Great hot and cold scent throws.
  • Longer burn times than petroleum based waxes
  • Easy to make and cleans up with hot soapy water
  • Environmentally friendly

Golden Soy Blend 444 for Containers 
Golden 444 soy blend wax is in flake form for super easy use! 444 creates smoother candles and tarts with less frosting than 100% soy wax and is designed for container candle making.  Pour temperature between 145-160 degrees with a fragrance load of 12% (although we have found using 6-8% still gives a great scent throw as with the 100% soy wax. Use high quality fragrances--MillCreek's are!). Testing is always recommended for individual desired results.   Uncolored candles will be an off white shade, just as with the 100% soy wax.

Golden Soy Wax 444

MillCreek Beeswax  MillCreek's 100% natural filtered beeswax.  Offered in yellow pastilles for easy use, our beeswax is a natural by-product in the production of honey. Testing is always recommended for individual desired results.

100% Natural Filtered Beeswax

MillCreek's All Natural Pillar/Votive Wax makes beautiful free standing candles. Available in pellet form for easy handling, our All Natural Pillar/Votive wax is a mixture of the finest Palm and Coconut oils resulting in candles with an excellent burn and scent throw.  This product does not contain any paraffin. See 'How to Make' link for complete instructions. Recommend fragrance usage load of 5-8%.  Pillar molds in two sizes can be found on the Additional Supplies  link.

                   Natural Pillar/Votive Wax    

Pillars pictured above highlight the following: two-toned candle made using MillCreek's
 6 1/2" mold (Spiced Cranberry, spicy orange dye flakes), back cream pillar made using the 6 1/2" pillar mold filled 3/4 full (French Vanilla). Front cream pillar was made using MillCreek's 3 1/2" pillar mold (Grandma's Kitchen).

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